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Collection of Flags From American History

Whether you're a collector, a history buff, or you just want to decorate your home or history classroom, you'll find an impressive selection of US historical flags at the United States Flag Service. We specialize in civil war flags and revolutionary war flags.

All flags sold here are printed on 200 denier nylon and meet the U.S. government specifications for flag manufacturers.

Special Civil War Commemorative Flags Available

In 2015, a series of flags was released to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. Every flag from this series is available in stock at the United States Flag Service. I also carry Union and Confederate flags.

Great Collectible Items

If you're a history teacher or professor who would like to add a meaningful decoration to your classroom, consider purchasing a civil war flag. You'll be able to show your students what the American flag looked like during an important event in our country's history. If you're a history buff, purchasing a civil war flag will make a great collectible item in your home as well.

Historical Civil War Flags

If you're interested in historical civil war flags Frederick, MD residents are keen on, you are looking in the right place. United States Flag Service has US historical flags from various eras in our country's history. Call (800) 872-3524 or come into my shop so we can find the flag you're looking for.

Wide Array of Historical Flags

Choose from a wide array of historical flags:

Many Many More US Historic Flags

  • Irish Brigade Civil War Battle Flags
  • Army of Potomac Guindon
  • North Union and South Confederate Civic War Battle Flags

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